Have you had an emotional experience that truly surprised you? Did its intensity blow you away? Did you wonder, Wow!  What caused that?

I had one such experience recently on Christmas morning. I’ve pondered over it for the past week, and thought about how to share it here.

My husband is an extremely thoughtful gift giver. Not only is he quite generous, bestowing upon me gift after gift after gift at Christmastime, but there’s always something special (super-duper extra special, that is) that amazes me. Last year, his amazing gift was a gorgeous Art Deco styled ring set with diamonds and rubies. It was different; it was Me!  Not over the top at all, stunning in its detail and amazing simplicity. Yeah, that’s me – stunning and simple. Heh.

Now here’s the stunner about this year’s amazing Christmas gift – not jewelry, not expensive, not even sparkly. (I love sparkles and glitter!) 

Bob presented this gift in a pretty gift bag. As I pulled on the tissue and looked inside, I saw fabric and writing. I saw the shapes of letters forming a word that appeared to be, writer. My vision wavered as my brain processed it. An immediate idea fluttered past that he’d bought me a t-shirt from the James River Writers website.

My fingers curled around the soft cotton, gently lifting it from the bag, and out came two t-shirts. Gray and black softness with splashes of color landed on my lap. Tears welled up quickly, my mouth dried, a slight buzzing sound played on my eardrums. A rush of hope and gratitude forced tears out and with a breaking voice, I whispered “Oh my gosh, thank you so much.”  Then, “I don’t know why I’m crying my eyes out!” My heart was so full, my mind was a tumble. Over two t-shirts!

I figured that part out.  Bob believes in me. He’s encouraging me on this new adventure into a writing life. Those shirts were his way to push me a little to get serious about this life and, maybe, tell the world more about where I am going.  The shirts each have a simple saying,

                I am always writing a story in my head.

                I’m a writer, I dream while awake.

I took a photograph of them and it’s posted on this website’s Writing Life Visuals page.

I don’t think I could start this endeavor without his encouragement. When I mention something about writing, Bob listens. His mouth curves into the slightest smile. It’s clear to me he is both proud and supportive. His generosity of spirit comes both with gifts I can touch and a caring home where I can be free to do this… this writing thing.

Am I blessed or what?

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12 thoughts on “Belief”

  1. Oohhhh!!!! I believe that there are a lot of us with stories to tell. But some of us don’t have that need to write them… the words float around with no desire to be organized into a story, and so our lives take other paths. But not you!! You obviously have words clamoring to be stories and you have the passion to put them on paper! I’m fortunate to know several folks like that and I’m THRILLED that you’re another! Write On Julie! I’ll excited for you and I’ll be over here cheering you on!

  2. Julie, You are indeed blessed to have such a thoughtful and caring husband. One who believes in you and your dreams.
    I can remember a few years ago when you put pen to paper.
    You have a story in you bursting to get out out. I believe it will happen.

  3. Yes. You are blessed beyond measure! I look forward to reading whatever you write. You are an amazingly smart, gifted, and inspirational person. Wishing you all best in your new endeavor!

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