Put It Over There

(and Other Things We Say About Junk)

Photo by todd kent on Unsplash

I’ve already written eight articles about the clearing out at my house, and I organized them neatly in this list. I’m good like that — creating lists and piles of things is my jam.

The lists keep me busy and help maintain the facade of accomplishment. Some piles might be quite useless, but they’re organized.

Recently, I rented a dumpster to aid in the emptying of a garage. As I wrote in the post about my husband being a “keeper,” it’s a genuine struggle to stop acquiring. My husband’s keeper-disease necessitated the aforementioned dumpster.

My three kids and their significant others showed up on a recent Saturday morning and filled that dumpster. We also made two trips to the dump using Bob’s red Silverado!

I wish I could say it went perfectly… but it did not because there was so much detritus piled in, on, and around furniture and shelves – I was unaware of some interesting contents. At least, my family thought they might be of monetary interest.

When questioned about a potentially valuable electronic “thing,” I had to sigh and say, “Okay, don’t toss it. Put it over there and I’ll research it later.” Now, I have at least six dusty things to ponder.

So… the cleanup was work and now requires more work on my part. At some point. If I don’t look at it soon, though, we all know what’s going to happen.

One of two things is likely to occur:
1) In frustration, I’ll just toss the whole mess of it.
2) Through future, inexplicable (haha) accumulations, the boxes will be buried under my detritus. Then, my poor children will have to handle that stuff when I have taken leave.

I don’t wish that fate on my kids, so take care of it, I will. Sooner rather than later.

I’ll add it to my to-do list!

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