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Writing Prompt #30: Decisions, decisions

I’ve had trouble deciding much of anything this past year. So, I may not be thoroughly and clearly responsive to this prompt!

It’s not that I haven’t tried to decide.

I considered buying a waterfront property — twice! Then I pondered how much money to put in the stock market. And how should I approach selling the cars and trucks my husband left in our garages?

I also have my writing career. It’s rather new, a late-in-life endeavor. But exciting nonetheless. I started writing with some vigor back in 2020. A novel, posts on Medium, this website… The list goes on.

And this is where two prompts coalesce. In her post, “A Client I Can’t Wait to Serve,” Jill Ebstein asks about two roads diverging — what does one choose and how might it turn out?

Front of mind for me right now is writing. What am I going to do with that bloody novel? I’ve taken online seminars about self-publishing and I’ve researched literary agents and publishers. Loud voices shout the benefits from both shores.

Here I am… navigating the publishing waters.

Who am I kidding? I could edit this thing until I die.

Fear forestalls any useful action.

Not deciding is a decision. I said that to someone decades ago.

Here I am… navigating the decision waters.

But what I tend to decide is this:

  • sure, I can do that!
  • yes, I will help you.
  • look, a new Netflix show!

You see the decision tree, right? It’s going to die or, at the very least, become a gnarly-looking feature in my front garden.

This post, right now… is being written during a writing sprint with a new writing tribe I joined on Facebook. I needed some special motivation to get the juices flowing.

Alas, a decision!!

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